S tudio Pulla is a Finnish design duo specialized in surface design and illustration. Elina Peippo and Salla-Maaria Syvänen both have a Textile Art and Design background in Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architechture. Studio Pulla was based on 2014 to spread joy, amaze and amusement! The surface super-troupe. for you.
Our work starts very hands-on! Follow the process!
Our second life is found here!
Our editorial photography is by talented Verna Kovanen.
" We share a passion for color and tactility, storytelling and humor plus several weird random things like pulpy gooey foods. "
E lina is a playful pattern design professional, who also loves to create both sensitive, powerful and quirky illustrations - often with an equivocal twist. Besides she adores to fool around with words.
S alla-Maaria is a hilarious and absurd, retro-futuristic storyteller with plenty of characters to play around with. Her illustrations are nicely adaptable to both fashion and interior - you can always ask her to weave or knit them too!
Here's us nicely placed in a bush! On the left there's Elina, Salla-Maaria on the right and the photos taken by Teemu Lehto. Aren't we such darlings!
We've had some shenanigans, you see.
We plan our themes, moods and color charts together. Here's an amusing print 'Tiger Petals' by Elina .
" Our patterns and other end products have lots in common and they click well, but the personal touch and the perspectives of us two give each design its uniqueness. "
We also partly sketch together and then individually carry out the final designs. For you, here's The Fruit of Life by Salla.
I f you feel like working with us, just send us an e-mail at info @ studiopulla.fi or pop us a message at our Instagram or Facebook message service. We're always out and about for new comissions and are looking forward to hear just from you!
info @ studiopulla.fi ig @studiopulla fb /studiopulla
This September we're presenting our collection at Première Vision Paris. Pop by at Hall 5 on the Designs area and on our booth at 5V90!